Rich Text Mail (HTML Mail)

Rich Text Mail

Rich Text Mail brings rich HTML e-mail composing to iOS mobie devices. It has a number of e-mail format options as you may have experienced while composing rich e-mail within a desktop browser.

Nitro HTML Pro and Nitro HTML

Icone Nitro HTML Pro Icole Nitro HTML

Nitro HTML Pro and Nitro HTML permit to edit HTML source files, and visualize how the resulting HTML page will be displayed in compliant Web browsers.

Tangram Designer Tangroid

Tangroid Pro Tangroid

Tangram Designer Tangroid and Tangram Designer Tangroid Free let you play the ancient Chinese game tangrams and design your very own new ones - use all seven tans (shapes) to make proof of your "seven boards of skill"!

To try them out, just go to Downloads.

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